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Manna Fuel Catalyst
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Manna Fuel Catalyst

Manna Fuel Catalyst is a breakthrough in fuel optimization technology. Made from 100-percent pure organic (botanical) ingredients, Manna is capable of reducing toxic emissions by over 88%* while improving engine performance and giving fuel savings by more or less 20 percent**.

Manna Bio-Hydro Energy Corporation (the manufacturer of Manna Fuel Catalyst) and the MCV Foundation has partnered together as part of the foundation's efforts to preserve the environment through technologies that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, not to mention significantly reduce the threat to health posed by the toxic gasses produced in burning fossil fuels.

Manna Catalyst website

Manna Catalyst flyer

* may depend oncondition of the engine
** varies from 12% to over 20% on different engines

Quantumin Plus

Together withQDynamics Global Corporation and Forever Living Products, MCV Foundation - DCV Program, as a registered patronizer, endorser and social distributor / enhancer promotes and assists in informing the people about the cure of illnesses derived from air pollutants usingQuantumin Plus.

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