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Manna Fuel Catalyst
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The DCV Program - An Alternative Solution to the Problems of Poverty, Crime and Global Warming

News and Updates

Latest Control Number Slot (CNS)

Here are the latest CNS as of October 31, 2019:

Preparatory Stage (PS) P-00
Initial Stage (IS) 3-00
Final Stage (FS) For Activation
Latest ID Number

For constant updates to the CNS database and current news and activities about the DCV Program, please visit this page often.

DCV Program Highlights and Landmarks

Manna Fuel Catalyst Passes Tests, Gains Government Approvals:

Manna Fuel Catalyst, a product endorsed by the MCV Foundation cleared government approval from the Department of Energy (DOE) and was awarded Certificates of Fuel Additive Registration (CFAR). In 2010, it had already acquired the Pre-Manufacture, Pre-Importation Notification (PMPIN) clearances from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources - Environmental Management Bureau (DENR-EMB)and has likewise passed new laboratory tests proving significantly reduced smoke and toxic emissions, as well as improved engine performance and fuel savings. Manna Fuel Catalyst is the MCV Foundation's answer to the problem of greenhouse gas emissions and part of it's environmental efforts.

Affiliates for Social Responsibility:

  • In cooperation with Manna Hydro Bio-Energy Corporation, Manna Fuel Catalyst is being endorsed by the MCV Foundation through the DCV Program to be used worldwide to reduce carbon dioxide production.
  • In cooperationwithQDynamics Global Corporation, MCV Foundation - DCV Program, as a registered patronizer, endorser and social distributor / enhancer promotes and assists in informing the people about the cure of illnesses derived from air pollutants and from eating certain foods by usingQuantumin Plus.

Attention:To the Public

Recently, we have been informed that some groups, specifically a certain Task Force Kalikasan Movement in the Samar Provinces and in Tacloban City or any other Movement not related to us, have been using fabricated/fake information sheets and the name of our organization, the Morjil C. Valencia Foundation Against Crimes and Poverty, Inc. and/ or DCV Program, without our knowledge, consent and authority. Unknown personalities from said unknown Movement have been reported to us that they were collecting large sums of money from innocent people using the name of our Foundation/Program. We want to warn the public that these unknown individuals are not authorized by the Foundation and do not represent us in any way. Anybody who would like to join and voluntary donate cash to our Foundation/Program shall personally deposit to our bank account or forward directly to our main office and not to anybody else outside our office. If you have been in communication with anyone claiming to represent us, please contact us through the phone numbers listed in our Contact Page or email us at or report the person/s to the nearest Police Station for committing a criminal act. Do not use ANY OTHER contact number or email address or social media contact (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) that may have been given to you besides the ones listed in this website.

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