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The DCV Program - An Alternative Solution to the Problems of Poverty, Crime and Global Warming

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Join and Participate

It is our desire to have you as our valued donor / participant to the DCV Poverty Alleviation Program. Whether you are a Filipino or another nationality, staying in the Philippines or living in another part of the world, a corporation / cooperative / association, philanthropist or a welfare foundation, you are very welcome to join, share, donate and participate in our program. Although we have a main office where you may come and personally join, we realize that this may not be possible for many of you who are located far from the area. Therefore, we have made our forms available online for you to print out and fill up (please complete all entries clearly and legibly to facilitate fast processing). Please make sure to write your complete postal address and contact numbers and indicate the stage of the program you wish to enter.

Please submit:

  1. Information Sheet - filled and legible with your signature
  2. Sworn Statement - with signature;
  3. Two (2) recent colored 1" x 1" ID pictures of yourself with your full name written at the back;.
  4. A clear photocopy ("Xerox") of your birth certificate or any certificate or ID card with your full name and date of birth (optional, only required when shares will be released)
  5. Proof of share / donation such as the clear photocopy of bank deposit slip or the postal money order for the Preliminary Stage and/or Initial Stage. (Important: Please do not enclose cash).

For corporations, cooperative, associations and welfare foundations, your President or Treasurer may submit and sign the required pictures and documents.

Note that at this time, the Final Stage is pending activation. Please wait for further announcements in our News page.

Our forms are available online - click here or the links above.

DCV Program Orientation

We are also branching out to establish our network through "Enhancement and Service Centers" across the country (and eventually to other countries). In these centers, you will be given an orientation seminar on the MCV Foundation and the DCV Poverty Alleviation Program. You will be provided with the necessary documents to be filled up and be personally assisted by the center's officer-in-charge and staff.

Visit this website for future listings of venues and orientation schedules. Our Main Office may serve as a prime venue, click here for our address and contact numbers. Please wait for further announcements or call before visiting to verify if there are orientations scheduled.

Become Our Enhancement Officers

We are also looking for people who can become Regional, Provincial and Municipal / City Program Enhancement Officers, as well as those interested to open Program Enhancement Centers in different areas of the country and overseas. We offer free training and attractive incentives for these positions. If you are interested and to find if you qualify, kindly email us at or write us at: DCV POVERTY ALLEVIATION PROGRAM (MCVFACPI) at G/F Kristina Manor Condominium, # 20 Champaca St., Roxas District, Quezon City, Philippines or call (+632) 3-415-6599.

Deposit Payment

You may send your donation (please indicate Preparatory or Initial Stage) by depositing in the following Philippine bank accounts through any Metrobank branch worldwide and send us a clear copy of the deposit slip by postal mail together with your filled-up Information Sheet, signed Sworn Statement and 2 pieces 1" x 1" colored ID pictures:

Metrobank Quezon Avenue Branch
Quezon Avenue, QC, Philippines

  • SAVINGS (PHP/Peso) ACCOUNT NUMBER : 7-076-50799-2
    ACCOUNT NAME : MCV Foundation-DCV Program

  • US DOLLAR ACCOUNT NUMBER : 076-2-076-00536-7
    ACCOUNT NAME : MCV Foundation-DCV Program

You may also send your donation (please indicate Preparatory or Initial Stage) by postal money order together with the same requirements or bring your donation along with the aforementioned requirements personally to:

G/F Kristina Manor Condominium
# 20 Champaca St,. Roxas District, Quezon City,
Republic of the Philippines

If you are joining the Initial Stage or the Final Stage, please plant three (3) trees at any place possible worldwide or you may let others do it for you for a fee or inform the Foundation to do it for you at your expense to be deducted from your Participating Shares, as a compliance to the chosen stage of the DCV Program.

Please allow about 2 weeks processing (after our receipt of your donation and documents) and we will send your CNS and Pay Order Form which you must keep in order to claim your participant's shares in the future. You may contact us ahead to expect your donation and documents, although we can only process these after we have received the actual items.

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