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Manna Fuel Catalyst
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The DCV Program - An Alternative Solution to the Problems of Poverty, Crime and Global Warming

Environmental Projects: Reforestation and Manna Catalyst

Nature's Guardians

Tree with Thick Canopy of LeavesOn a hot sunny day, going under a full-grown tree with a thick, hanging canopy of leaves can be refreshing, the air is not only cooler because of the shade but is noticeably fresher to breathe. Plants, powered by sunlight, remove carbon dioxide (CO2) – the main greenhouse gas – from the air to produce oxygen as part of their life cycle or photosynthesis. During the agricultural age, air pollution was not a serious problem unless one’s cooking fire or bonfire smoke annoyed the neighbors, but with an abundance of trees and other plant life back then to immediately clean the air, there really was no chance for man-made air pollutants and greenhouse gases to accumulate in the environment.

Unfortunately, since the advent of the Industrial Revolution and its progress, there has been an increase in air pollution while the earth’s forests have been diminishing. Fortunate are the countries whose forests are protected by National Forest and National Park reservations and where tree replanting laws are strictly enforced on the timber industry. In many countries, forest lands have not only been stripped bare of trees, they have been left denuded for many years. In the Philippines, forests which once covered vast tracts of land and mountains are long gone and no new trees to take their place, the result of greedy loggers and to an extent, careless miners, especially the  illegal ones. Even if there was a replanting effort and saplings were indeed planted, these were probably left neglected and died or likely cut down by others later. While some profited from this activity, others paid the price with their lives. Trees, because of their roots, act to keep the soil intact by holding it together and preventing erosion even when it is raining or during storms. The roots of trees can be strong enough to hold a mountainside intact and control the water flowing through them. However, where there have been no trees or very few trees left, erosion from air (wind) and water (rain) have remained unchecked until the mountainside can eventually collapse during a storm and water from the mountain to likewise rush down in the form of a flash flood both taking lives and property. And of course, very few or no trees to clean the air, means air pollutants stay in the atmosphere indefinitely longer contributing to global warming or are breathed in by humans and animals, thus leading to health problems.

Deforestation and forest degradation together are the second leading cause of global warming, second only to the combustion of fossil fuels. Deforestation and forest degradation are responsible for a high percentage of some countries' national emissions,  70 percent of Brazil's and 80 percent of Indonesia's, for instance.

The EarthOn December 11, 2007, a new multi-million dollar fund to compensate developing countries for the value of their living forests was launched by the World Bank at the United Nations' climate conference in Bali. The Forest Carbon Partnership Facility was developed “because forests are more important left standing than cut down”, said World Bank Group President Robert Zoellick, introducing the new facility. High on the agenda at the Bali talks was to reduce the 1.6 billion tons of carbon emissions caused each year by deforestation, which amounts to about 20 percent of global carbon emissions.

The new facility will build the capacity of developing countries in tropical and subtropical regions to reduce emissions from deforestation and degradation and tap into a future system of positive incentives to reduce emissions.

Trees then, along with other global efforts to reduce, minimize or altogether eliminate air pollution, provide the only natural solution to reduce greenhouse gas levels by capturing and storing carbon dioxide up to hundred years. With reductions in emissions using man-made methods and a great quantity of trees replanted to clean the air (along with all the other plants and algae which also filter carbon) of pollutants and greenhouse gases, any damage that has been done to the environment would slowly but eventually be reversed. The good news is that at this period of time, it is not too late to make the necessary effort.

The DCV Program and Reforestation

Part of the MCV Foundation’s goal, through the DCV Program is to plant millions trees as its contribution to preserving the environment and reducing the quantity of greenhouse gases and other toxic matter in the atmosphere. Besides the tree planting programs being planned by the MCV Foundation for the coming years, tree planting has also been made an integral and indispensable part of the DCV Program. As part of the DCV Program, donors or participants in the DCV Program’s Initial Stage (IS) and Final Stage (FS) are required to plant three (3) trees each as their compliance to the program  in an area where these can be monitored and cared for without any cost coming from the government. The objective of planting these trees is not for their use as timber or lumber as in a tree farm but for the main purpose of reforesting the land and to clean the air of pollutants, as well as reduce the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Since it may not always be possible for the donor/program participant to plant any trees for one reason or another, he/she can arrange (with a slight reduction in the participating shares he/she will receive) to have the Foundation do so on his/her behalf. To ensure that the trees will be cared for and protected, a Task Force Committee of the MCV Foundation has been created for that function to monitor the same activity.

The DCV Program and Manna Fuel Catalyst

Another alternative way in solving global warming and reducing greenhouse gas emissions is by utilizing Manna Fuel Catalyst, which was designed to be a part of the DCV Program’s livelihood opportunities where donors may avail, patronize and endorse this extraordinary and innovative Filipino-made product. A FILIPINO INNOVATION, utilizing locally available trees, plants and herbs, which are practically inexhaustible (unlike fossil fuels) with the consistent and continuous planting of our farmers on a small or large-scale basis, this wonder product will be a big revelation and a breakthrough of the century as far as the global reduction and capture of carbon dioxide are concerned. This is actually the answer to what the scientists are trying to discover as a solution to global warming and the depletion of our ozone layer.

Made from renewable and abundant natural resources, the fuel catalyst known as Manna, is a copyrighted Filipino innovation. It is a mixture of ingredients from fourteen (14) different leaves of natural growing trees, plants and herbs selected for specific organic qualities that allow these to be mixed with fossil or organic-equivalent combustible fuels such as gasoline, diesel and bunker fuel. In addition to the fuel catalysts, a catalyst for optimizing engine oil (or motor oil) is available.

The innovator's concern of the greenhouse gas emissions produced by motor vehicles and its damaging effects to the environment and human health, has resulted in the development and production of this fuel catalyst which has been carefully tested and proven by different government and private agencies.

Manna, when added to fuel will result not only in improved engine performance (more or less 20% fuel savings) and longer life between overhauls but also in significantly reduced emission of air pollutants, smog and greenhouse gases (more or less 88% reduction) as confirmed by independent lab tests.

IT IS THE SOLUTION to our current-day problems such as:

  • Worsening AIR POLLUTION in our country and other parts of the world;
  • Increasing high cost of engine repair and maintenance, resulting to high cost of transportation for public commuters;
  • Respiratory and skin diseases caused by air pollution;
  • Increase of Greenhouse gases resulting in global warming leading to climate change and adverse weather conditions (droughts, floods and severe storms).

Since Manna Fuel Catalyst is made from renewable plant sources such as tree leaves, the production of the same for mass use will be backed up by the tree planting program of the MCV Foundation through the DCV Program. This is the DCV Program’s way of solving the inter-related crisis of air pollution/greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation and poverty using two different approaches, with the planting of millions trees to clean the air of the accumulated pollution that has been destroying our health and environment and with Manna Fuel Catalyst to clean the fuel we use and likewise keep the air from being excessively polluted in the first place.

Visit the Manna website here for more details.

Download Manna Catalyst Product Flyer

Alternative Energy

Beyond tree planting and ways of reducing carbon and other toxic emissions, the MCV Foundation is considering various forms of alternative energy. These technologies may range from exotic means to harness and contain energy to more available organic solutions such as highly enhanced clean bio-fuels and advanced production technologies of these to other forms that will have little or preferably no toxic emissions at all. The MCV Foundation plans to develop these and introduce the technologies within the coming decade.

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