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The DCV Program - An Alternative Solution to the Problems of Poverty, Crime and Global Warming

Download Forms

Download Forms Here

This page is for downloading forms necessary for joining the DCV Program.

All forms should open in any compatible word processor. Print a clear copy of each and fill in the required information and signature.

  • Donor's Information Sheet - Fill out this form in print (preferably with black or blue ballpen). Please make sure that all data is easily readable and accurate to facilitate fast processing. For instructions of how to fill the Information Sheet, see the instructions below this section.
  • Checklist - You may use this to check for completion of the documentary requirements.

How to Fill the Donor's Information Sheet

Data on the Donor's Information Sheetare processed and encoded into the DCV Program database on a first-come, first-served basis. However, some Information Sheets come written in shorthand rather than print or even in print, is hardly readable which can delay processing of the sheet or even be rejected entirely. Please make sure that the Information Sheet is clearly readable by others before submission andall data fields are properly filled.

The Data Fields of the Information Sheet:

  1. PREPARATORY STAGE or INITIAL STAGE Box - Check one, depending on the stage you are entering
  2. LAST NAME - write your surname example: Dela Cruz Jr.)
  3. FIRST NAME - your given name as it appears on official records and ID, not your nickname
  4. MIDDLE NAME - please write your complete middle name
  5. BIRTHDAY - month, date and year of birth
  8. AGE - if registering a child under one year, write age in months by the guardian
  9. GENDER or sex
  10. HEIGHT - can be in feet/inches or meter/centimeters
  11. WEIGHT - can be in pounds or kilograms
  14. COMPLETE HOME ADDRESS or COMPLETE WORK ADDRESS - check one and fill (please note that this is the address we may send your Pay Order Form and ID).
  15. ZIP CODE (HOME) - write this if you put the COMPLETE HOME ADDRESS
  16. ZIP CODE (WORK) write this if you put the COMPLETE WORK ADDRESS
  17. TEL. NO./CEL.NO. - your home phone or personal cellular/mobile number
  18. WORK TEL. NO. - if any
  19. TIN - Tax Identification Number, if any
  20. JOB DESCRIPTION - whatever applies (including unemployed, student, homemaker, etc.)
  21. SPOUSE - if married, otherwise just leave blank or write "N/A"
  25. NAMES OF BENEFICIARIES / AGE / RELATIONSHIP - list at least one (but preferably two or three), including spouse even if data is present above, spouse must still be listed here if you want him/her to be a beneficiary.
  26. Signature of Donor / Participant - sign here
  27. Name of Upline Leader / Enhancer - the full name (first name, middle name or initial and last name) of the one who invited you to the DCV Program. IMPORTANT: if no one invited you and you found us through print or the Internet, write "DCV Program" in this field and skip no. 28 below.
  28. CNS and Signature of Leader/Enhancer - to be filled by the one who invited you to the DCV Program, if any.
  29. All other fields to be filled by DCV Program officers and personnel only. Please note: if you are already a donor / participant in another stage of the program or you have completed this stage and then re-entered, you already have a permanent ID Number, please fill this in the field I.D. Number next to Signature of Donor / Participant.

As much as possible, if you were invited by someone such as an upline leader or enhancer, ask that person for assistance in filling out the Information Sheet.

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