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The DCV Program - An Alternative Solution to the Problems of Poverty, Crime and Global Warming

About Us

The MCV Foundation

MCV Foundation LogoThe Morjil C. Valencia Foundation Against Crimes and Poverty, Inc. (MCVFACPI) or the MCV Foundation was established on January 4, 2001 as a non-profit, non-stock private organization registered with the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission under SEC Registration Number A200117774. The MCV Foundation has its Main Office atGround Floor, Kristina Manor Condominium, #20 Champaca Street, Roxas District, Quezon City, Philippines.

It was named after the late Barangay Captain Morjil C. Valencia. He was the Barangay Captain of Andres Bonifacio,Diffun,Quirino, Philippines and at the same time,the President of the Municipal Association of Barangay Captains in their town. Although Morjil met an untimely and gory death in the line of duty, his family established the MCV Foundation in his name as a lasting legacy so that his passing would not have been in vain.

The MCV Foundation ismanaged by its Executive Vice President/Executive Director Engr. Dante C. Valencia and a Board of Trustees who meet on a regular basis to determine courses and actions which the Foundation will implement.

The MCV Foundation and the DCV Program

The primary goals of the MCV Foundation are: the alleviation of poverty; help unite the people; promote peace and good governance; help in the eradication of graft and corruption and other crimes; as well as plan and undertake specific measures to help restore and preserve the environment for the enjoyment of future generations. The MCV Foundation wants to show that there is a way to liberate the poor from the bondage of poverty. This organization is optimistic that there is a way to unite and preserve peace and order. It will present and promote a unique and an innovative Filipino technology called "Manna FuelCatalyst" to address global warming, in addition to its massive tree planting activity incorporated in its program, so that carbon dioxide emission will be reduced. It will also endorse another Filipino invention called "Quantumin Plus", an amazing cures for illnesses derived from unhealthy foods and global warming, as a positive action and contribution of MCV Foundation to address poverty in health. The MCV Foundation offers a program where a participant voluntary donate/sharemoney or be a sponsor to help others and mother earth but in return as a participant will also earn an income more than what he/she has shared when he/she passes it on to others and so on, creating an exponential chain reaction of global cooperation in solving extreme poverty and global warming, as well asits consequences. Indeed, it will be a great achievement of mankind in the making, without taking one's much time and money, and yet saving the human race and mother earth.

In order to source the necessary funds to carry out its plans, mission and vision, the MCV Foundation uses both traditional and unorthodox means of fund-raising. In the traditional form, the Foundation relies on valued donations from generous individuals and entities as well as from public fundraisers and other possible sources. However, due to the urgency and magnitude of the problems, the MCV Foundation has harnessed a unique and an internationally copyrighted system / program - with the consent of its author - to raise the much-needed funds from valued donors/participants all over the country and the world who will actually be the first to be benefited when they participate in it. The "DCV POVERTY ALLEVIATION PROGRAM THROUGH GLOBAL LOVE OFFERINGS" also known as the DCVPROGRAM,makes it possible for program donors / participants to share in the benefits and will over a period of time, actually receive back more than he/she has given. The system, therefore, produces a win-win solution as funds will be generated to finance the Foundation's projects such as alleviating poverty and solving global warming while at the same time, the donors / participants are themselves financially rewarded.

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